Friday, July 3, 2009

Sustainable Summer Party for Projects in India!

Come and dance away your carbon footprints at our 8th Carbon Neutral Dance for our reforestation pilot projects in Meghalaya, India!

The Sustainable Summer Party for India on Saturday the 18th of July 2009 invites you to an event of dance, fun and meeting new people. Offset your carbon footprints and support our sustainable development pilot projects in the small village in Meghalaya, Northeast India by contributing some dance moves for our planet.

Entry is £15 per person which is the actual cost of planting and maintaining a rubber tree for 35 years, with environmental, social and economical benefits in mitigating climate change but also in creating sustainable livelihoods for poor local communities.

STUDENTS: Entry is £15 for two students with valid University IDs. So Bring a buddy along to the dance!


Live Performance!

Aashna Musa is a professional Indian dancer and choreographer who will perform and teach classical Indian dance at 8.30pm.

So feel free to come, dressed up and ready to learn some authentic Indian moves.

Saturday 18th of July 2009
Time: 7.30 pm to 02.00 am

Venue: Starts with a presentation with food and drinks at
Worldview Space
1 Pope Street 
London SE1 3PR 

And then moving on to 

Bar La Vista, 224a 
Tower Bridge Road
London SE1 2UP

Carbon Neutral Dance Goes Global!

This 8th Carbon Neutral Dance held in London is the start of our Carbon Neutral Dance Global movement that will see Carbon Neutral Dances taking place other major cities like New York, Sao Paulo, Paris and ending this year in Copenhagen for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2009.

By uniting the global community and dancing for the planet in all these cities, we hope to mitigate climate change, reduce poverty and improve living conditions in the developing world. So dance for our planet and our people!

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