Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tango for Trees with Sahara!

London here is your chance to give back to the planet. Each one of us on average produces 10 tones of carbon each year, we can help reverse this by planting 10 trees each a year. So come Tango for Trees this Tuesday 10th November 2009 and party for a cause that will make a difference.

Come enjoy the spectacular surroundings of one of London’s most famous restaurants ‘Ciro’s Pomodoro’, whilst having a Tango and indulging in the sound of Sahara the classical infused pop quartet who have taken London by storm this year. 

Sahara amplifies an array of sound, converging classical into pop, the sound projected is complimented by the stunning appearance of the girls.

The organizer will be Worldview Impact, a new London-based social enterprise working to encourage green business investments in the developing world. 

‘Even though we’re listening to great music, enjoying the atmosphere and the company of a great band the resources we raise will have a direct impact on the living conditions and lifestyles of those in the developing world — who don’t have the same luxuries we have in London’ says Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder and CEO of Worldview Impact. 

The ‘Tango for Trees’ concert is particularly aimed at those who want to make a difference in tackling climate change, but who feel disconnected from party politics. 

Entry is £15 per person, which is the actual cost of planting and maintaining an organically grown rubber tree for 35 years, with environmental, social and economical benefits in mitigating climate change but also in creating sustainable livelihoods for poor local communities. 


Venue: Ciro’s Pomodoro, 51 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1NY 


Dates: 10th of November 2009

Times: 20:00 - 22:30

Dress code: Ladies wear Red and Gents wear Black

Tickets: Can be bought online at for £15 (The price of one organically grown rubber tree.)


Scotty said...

Precioso blog. Me gustaía visitar un día vuestro precioso país.

Saludos desde España

Unknown said...

Love the music!

I wonder if it would move me if I wasn't watching the video.

Pete | The Tango Notebook

Robert De Souza said...

This is another awesome event and planting more rubber trees gets so exciting when you can Tango to it...
Well done Bremley and your ab fab team who shine their light always..